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  • Is there still time to profit from REITs?

    Is there still time to profit from REITs?

  • What's driving Vancouver house prices?

    What's driving Vancouver house prices?

  • What protests do to property values

    What protests do to property values

  • Rethinking unused space creates a leaner, fitter office

    Rethinking unused space creates a leaner, fitter office

  • Real estate market braces for TMX-LSE merger

    Real estate market braces for TMX-LSE merger

  • The condo where the economy used to live

    The condo where the economy used to live

  • Decoding the interest-rate puzzle

    Decoding the interest-rate puzzle

Is there still time to profit from REITs?

Jeffrey Olin, president and CEO of Vision Glossary Link Capital, took your questions on Glossary Link real estate equities...

Real estate stocks have proven a good investment during the stock market recovery, especially those that have offered yield-hungry investors a decent payout. But recently, many stocks in the sector, as well as real estate investment trusts, have been trading near their highs, pushing yields down and creating an environment where investors must be more selective.


What's driving Vancouver house prices?

For those desperate for hard data on the effect of Chinese buyers in the Vancouver housing market, answers seemed to come from the most unlikely of sources – China's state run newspaper.

The China Daily ran a story – later picked up by a Forbes blog – which said that "according to Colliers International, a Glossary Link real estate service provider, the proportion of Chinese buyers in Vancouver's property market is on the rise. At the end of the first quarter this year, it increased to 29 per cent of all home buyers."


What protests do to property values

As political and social unrest swept across the Middle East in recent weeks, the world watched in stunned amazement as once unshakeable dictators, autocrats and royal families were challenged – or usurped altogether – in widespread protests from Bahrain to Libya.

Many market watchers immediately turned their attention to a pressing issue: the spiking price of oil.

Few discussed another problem, namely how the turmoil would affect the highly sensitive Glossary Link commercial property sector. Landlords watched nervously as business tenants stayed home from work, retail outlets closed, hotels shuttered their doors and factories ceased production.

Rethinking unused space creates a leaner, fitter office

hou bought and renovated a downtown Toronto office building to create a studio for his architecture and design firm, Johnson Chou Inc., he realized the space was just too big.

Rather than seeing the space sit unused he subleased it.

Empty or underutilized office space, according to Mr. Chou, is too often filled with everything from unused furniture to bankers’ boxes. “I really feel that spaces that look purposeless, empty or ill-conceived reflect poorly on an organization,” the designer explains.

So, when the owner of a two-person architecture firm came looking for office space, Mr. Chou agreed to share part of his new studio.

Real estate market braces for TMX-LSE merger

The potential merger of the TMX Group, operator of the Toronto Stock Exchange, and the London Stock Exchange Group has sparked hot debate throughout the Canadian business community.

The move would create the world's biggest stock exchange, with more than 6,000 companies traded. The resulting company would be worth $6-billion and be jointly based in London and Toronto.

As Ottawa decides the deal’s fate (any merger or takeover of a Canadian company worth more than $299-million can be subject to government Glossary Link approval under the Investment Canada Act), experts in commercial Glossary Link real estate are weighing in. And while some see a favourable outcome, others are warning of negative side effects.

The condo where the economy used to live

Once industrial engines, condos have colonized city waterfronts, worrying some that the city economies will be stifled...


Decoding the interest-rate puzzle

Amid cryptic statements from central banks, nervous investors want to know when borrowing costs will head upward. David Parkinson seeks answers in an e-mail discussion with a panel of experts...


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